Inspiration is a storytelling improv card game for 3-6 people. Players in Inspiration use several Art Cards to help them tell a story about a single Subject Card. The players only have a limited amount of time to tell their stories. The player who tells the best story, and best uses their cards, in the eyes of the Judge, will win the round and get a point. The first player to 3 points wins the game.

     Each player must base their story on a single Subject Card, which will have on it a word or a short phrase, and must use elements from three Art Cards. On their turn each player will choose 2 Art Cards from their hand, then the player to their left will add 1 Art and 1 Subject Card from their hand. The first player then has 30 seconds to tell their story.

     The structure of the game is very similar to Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity, in that each round one player sits out the round as the Judge and picks a winner. The game itself was inspired, no pun intended, by games like: Dixit and Once upon a Time, for their use of Art Cards and storytelling.


Owen Camber

Team Lead, Designer/Programmer

I am currently enrolled in my senior year at Columbia College Chicago, pursuing a Game Design BA with a Game Programming Minor. I have extensive experience using the Unity Engine, and have a deep understanding of C# and C++, but I also am familiar with several other programming languages. If you would like to know more about my knowledge and expertise, I recommend looking at my resume, and, if you are interested in looking at some of the other projects that I have worked on, you can check them out in my portfolio.

I am the Team Lead for Inspiration, and it has been really inspiring to watch as it has grown from a concept to a game. The team behind Inspiration is truly amazing, as each person has joined the team they have brought with them new ideas and new ways of looking at the game and what it could be. This team is really what has made Inspiration the game it is now.


Crystal Banks


I am a Game Designer, focusing on the writing and art side. Most of my 2D art is related to planning, and my 3D art is predominantly environments.

I wanted to focus on something that incorporated Art, Language, Writing and Creating Worlds, and Problem-Solving all in one. Additionally, I wanted to be able to build my skills and contribute to a great finished product for a great team someday.

Experience: Adobe Photoshop CS, Corel Paint, Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Motion Builder, Cortex (including some experience as a motion capture actor), Unity 4.5 and higher, Hansoft. 


Glenn Carreau

Lead Artist

Glenn Carreau is a level 21 artist, writer, gamer and Ravenclaw currently located in Chicago, Illinois; enrolled as an Honors Student at Columbia College Chicago, and pursuing a bachelor's degree in interactive arts and media and professional writing.  She was born and raised in Albany, New York and has had a passion for art since she was a child.

She is a concept, 3D character and environment artist with a focus on game development. Glenn is currently working at Columbia to develop three independent game titles.

Glenn passionately adores the violin, foxes, cosplay, her cat, and Strong Female Characters™.


Ethan Johnson

Sound Lead

Ethan Johnson has a long history with art and sound. On Inspiration he is providing both the SFX and music to lend a pleasing atmosphere to the experience. His attitude towards sound design is all about dynamism and drawing the players attention along with the game design.


Zach Daniel


I'm an Interactive Arts and Media major at Columbia College Chicago. I'm most comfortable working in C# and Javascript, and have extensive experience with the Unity engine.

My games and multimedia art tend to focus on repeating patterns, mirror images, and interesting shader effects. Recently I've been working on generating visuals through audio analysis / timing game events on beats and phrase changes in music.

Working on Inspiration is pretty fun because of the unique challenges involved in creating online multiplayer, the beautiful and interesting card art we get to work with, and because I believe in the game's potential as not only a tabletop card game but as a useful brainstorming tool as well.


     Inspiration was initially conceived by combining the concepts behind two different games. Dixit, a game where players try to get others to guess their Full-Art card is the correct one based off a phrase. And Once Upon a Time, where players work as a group to tell a story, but with each of them trying to drive the story in different directions in order to win the game.

     The team initially consisted of Owen Camber and Crystal Banks. They worked on developing the core gameplay, flushing it out and doing some preliminary testing. Once production started, Glenn Carreau and Ethan Johnson joined the team to work on the art for the cards and the sounds for the digital version, respectively. Finally, Zach Daniel joined as an additional programmer to help with the finishing touches of the core version of the game and to work on potential expansions.

     Inspiration is being developed as both a physical and digital game. The digital game is being created using the Unity Engine. Additionally, the Photon Unity plug-in is being used to help with networking as well as voice chat.

     We are currently working on both digital and physical versions of the game. We are going to be launching a Kickstarter for the physical version of the game on May 12th.

     If you would like to know more about our plans, the game in general, or the Kickstarter, please feel free to contact us.